Quaker Quick Grits

36 oz. Bag of Quaker quick grits. Used in many popular carp fishing dough recipes.


Karo Corn Syrup

16oz. Karo corn syrup. Available in either light or dark.


Idahoan Instant Potatoes

13oz. Idahoan instant mashed potatoes.


Trout Chow

30oz bag of trout chow. Popular in many carp fishing dough recipes.


Quaker Instant Grits

36oz. Quaker instant grits. A classic ingredient in a variety of carp fishing recipes.


Grandma's Molasses

Grandma's brand molasses. A favorite of carp fishermen to sweeten up dough. Unsulphured. 12 oz gl...


Corn Puffs

These unsweetened corn puffs are a favorite of carp fishermen everywhere. 6oz bag. Not for human ...


Corn Pops

These sweetened corn pops are a favorite bait of carp fishermen.


Jello Gelatin

Jello brand gelatin is used in many carp dough recipes. Available in a variety of flavors.


2 gal Bucket with Lid

The perfect bucket for making carp dough. 2 gallon capacity with a tight fitting lid. White. Orders...



Freeze-dried bread for making carp dough.


Panko Bread Crumbs

Freeze-dried bread for making carp dough.